Baeten (18) shows himself at Club Brugge: “Now we know how to do it”


Club Brugge NXT took its first victory in 1B last week. It defeated Lierse Kempenzonen 2-0. For attacker Thibo Baeten that tastes like more.

Club NXT has slowly adapted to professional football. “We have now been in this series for almost four months and have the feeling that we are on the right track,” said Baeten at The newspapaer. “We knew we had started on something beautiful, but also something that was extremely difficult. Thanks to the hard work we have already been able to take steps and I am convinced that there will be more to come. That is why that first victory was so good. It was a liberation. “

Baeten realizes that this is a difficult season. “We are all barely 18 years old and hadn’t lost much with the youth. That took some getting used to and not so easy to accept. Now we know how to do it. Sometimes we have to try to play more on the result. Club NXT stands for beautiful and well-kept football, but it doesn’t always have to be that beautiful.

Baeten himself stands out for his unbridled commitment. “But I have learned to control myself better,” he says. “That is also part of the learning process. Yet it is also in my game. As a striker I have to try as much as possible to make it difficult for the defense of the opposing team. If that succeeds, they will be under pressure and we will be given opportunities. I think I have that quality, but I also know that there are still many points for work. “

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