Attempted attack in Samaria: The terrorist was neutralized, no casualties


Attempted attack in Samaria: A terrorist who arrived in his vehicle at the Samaria Territorial Brigade Square pulled out a gun and fired at soldiers who were at the scene. The soldiers took cover, returned fire and neutralized the terrorist. An IDF spokesman said that the fighters had thwarted a shooting attack and that there were no casualties to our forces.

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A preliminary investigation of the details of the incident revealed that the terrorist arrived in his car from the direction of Nablus and when he approached the square he took his hand out of the window and fired two bullets from the gun at the fighters. They rushed to take cover and responded by firing the injured terrorist while sitting inside the car.

The scene where the attack took place

The fighters who were in the square and thwarted the attack are soldiers of the 12th Golani Battalion who only yesterday began operational employment in the arena. Documentation from the incident shows the soldiers firing at the terrorist, who does not appear clearly in the video.


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