Attack on Syria: Iran with an explicit and decisive warning to Israel


Iran today (Sunday) responded to an IDF attack last week against targets of the Iranian Quds Force, in response to the exposure of the cargo scene on the Israeli-Syrian border in the Golan Heights. In the presence of Iran in Syria, he will receive a decisive response. “

Assault in Syria, IDF Spokesman

The statement added that Trump’s policy of maximum pressure on Iran had failed, and anyone coming to the White House must respect the rights of the Iranian people. “As long as the new US administration does not take office, we can not talk about America returning to its promises set out in the nuclear deal. What concerns us is the behavior of the United States and not the statements of its officials. Therefore, we will closely monitor all developments and statements in this regard.” .

Following the attack in Syria, the IDF revealed last week that the Iranian terrorist unit behind the explosion of the explosive device on the Golan Heights border is Unit 840, directed by Iranian Quds forces. As you may recall, air force planes attacked military targets in Syria last Tuesday night. .

An IDF spokesman said the warehouses, headquarters and military bases of the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian army were attacked. Several hours after the attack, it was reported that ten people were killed during it – apparently five Iranians, three Syrians and two Lebanese. , While the Syrians are apparently fighters of Assad’s air defense force.

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