Asscher: PvdA alone in the next cabinet with another left-wing party


The PvdA only wants to co-govern in the next cabinet if GroenLinks, the SP or both parties are also in the coalition. This was announced by party leader Lodewijk Asscher after the presentation of the draft election program at an MBO in Heerenveen. “Preferably not at all with the VVD, but if I look at the polls now, we will have to wait and see.”

Asscher said that the PvdA has learned its lesson, referring to the term of office with the VVD in the Rutte II cabinet, which was followed by an enormous election defeat. He said he can best realize the party’s ideas with allies.

Election points

Some points from the draft election program are: lowering the health insurance premium, an increase in the minimum wage, the state pension and social assistance benefits, free childcare and a job guarantee for everyone who loses their job.

The opposition party has come up with a list of proposals to reduce the great inequality between people they have identified. PvdA leader Asscher believes that the corona crisis makes it clear that there is “too much division” and that this must change in the areas of employment, care, education and the housing market.

Free teacher training

The salary of care staff and teachers must be increased and the workload reduced, the party says. Primary school teacher training should become free for those who stay there for at least five years. It is also proposed to reintroduce the basic grant.

Childcare is being transformed into a free pre-school for all children. There will be an offensive against low literacy among young people and from the age of 16 they can vote. “This way young people get a voice.”

The concept program also states that 100,000 affordable homes must be built annually. A separate Minister for Housing will ensure that slum landlords are fined for asking too high a rent. Speculators have a building obligation and must also spend their profits on building for starters and the elderly.

Kilos of frikandellen

If it is up to the opposition party, the deductible in healthcare will be phased out step by step. The VAT on fruit and vegetables will be reduced to zero to make healthy eating cheaper. “A kilo of apples is now more expensive than a kilo of frikandelles.” Disposable plastic will be banned, bags will be priced to make the oceans plastic-free and many more trees will have to be planted.

The PvdA is investing heavily in work. “All workers can count on breakdown assistance and a decent pension,” says Asscher. With a job guarantee, people who lose their job are guided to another job and crisis jobs are created. The unemployed are deployed in sectors with a shortage of personnel, such as the GGD, healthcare and education. 100,000 basic jobs are being created for “people who are now on the sidelines”.

Settlement with previous cabinet

“The new election program is a settlement of the period that the PvdA and the VVD ruled in the Rutte II cabinet,” said political reporter Wilco Boom. “The party is now against decisions it supported at the time, such as the landlord levy, the deductible in health care and the loan system.”

“The PvdA chooses to be a more classic left-wing, social democratic party again. Asscher’s choice not to govern without GroenLinks and / or the SP also indicates a turn to the left,” says Boom.

New top rate

The party recognizes that the plans cost money and therefore companies that pollute the environment will have to pay higher taxes, just like tech companies such as Google and Facebook. For top incomes there will be a new top rate of 60 percent and a higher wealth tax.

The election program will be finalized in January.


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