As of December 1: a mouth mask is mandatory at these places in Haarlem


You are already required to wear a mouth mask on public transport, on the plane, at the airport and in a coach. From Tuesday December 1, the masking obligation will be extended to all public indoor spaces. Here is a list of a few places in Haarlem where you have to wear a mouth mask from now on.

Until now, wearing a non-medical face mask in public indoor areas was urgent advice, but this is now mandatory. It applies to anyone aged 13 or older. Those who do not comply with this risk a fine of € 95.


Barteljorisstraat will soon have new shops | Photo: indebuurt Haarlem

Whether it is a supermarket, clothing store or jeweler; in all stores you have to wear a face mask from now on.


Photo: indebuurt Haarlem

Would you like to visit the Frans Hals museum or the Teylers? Do not forget to bring your mouth mask, because this is also mandatory here from December.

Theaters and concert halls

Schouwburg Haarlem | Photo: indebuurt Haarlem

When you enter the city theater or the Philharmonie, you must wear a mouth mask from 1 December. Once you are in place, you can take off your mouth mask. Do you go to the toilet in between? Then the mouth mask has to be put on again.

Gas stations


Tip: put an extra face mask in the car. From December you can only refuel and pay at the counter if you have a mouth mask on.


Preparations to open the terraces on the Grote Markt | Photo: indebuurt Haarlem

Restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments are still closed due to the partial lockdown. When the doors are opened again, it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask. Just like in the theater and a concert hall, you can take it off at the table.


Nova College | photo: Ronald Tilleman

Pupils, students, teachers and other educational staff must wear a face mask when walking through the school building. This applies to everyone in secondary education, secondary special education, secondary vocational education and higher education. If everyone in class has a fixed seat or standing place, the mouth mask may be removed. An exception has been made for lessons in singing, drama, gym and other forms of practical education. You do not have to wear a mouth mask there.

At the hairdresser, during driving lessons or other contact professions

Photo: Google Streetview

It is impossible to keep five feet away in a hair salon, nail salon or massage parlor. That is why both customers and employees in contact professions are obliged to wear a mouth mask. Care providers such as general practitioners and physiotherapists will receive an exception for this.

Station Haarlem

Haarlem railway station | Photo: indebuurt Haarlem

It is already mandatory to wear a mouth mask in public transport. From now on you will also have to carry one at stations and at bus and tram stops. This also applies if you only use the station as a passage.

You can read more details about the mandatory masks on the website of the Dutch government.

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