Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass already adjusted


The seventh and biggest season of Apex Legends recently appeared in Season 7. A new map, new character, a vehicle and a very slow Battle Pass. That is now slightly different.

Season 7 was accompanied by a new system for the Battle Passes. Instead of XP to level up, you now need stars. Every 10,000 XP grants a star. You also get a certain number of stars for all Daily and Weekly Challenges. Because the new system feels much slower than the old system, Respawn has made a number of changes.

Instead of 10,000 XP per star, you now receive a star with every 5,000 XP. You still need 10 stars to level up in the Battle Pass. The weekly challenges will also be made a little less tedious from next week. At the moment these also take a lot of time.

What do you think of the new season in Apex Legends? Have you played with Horizon or raced the Trident for a while? What do you think of the new Battle Pass system? We found it very slow in the first few games we played. Let’s hope the Battle Pass has more respect for our free time. It is getting very busy with next-gen around the corner!


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