Antwerp police had to shut down several parties last night, police woman was also attacked | Coronavirus is spreading


Yesterday evening and tonight, the Antwerp police had to intervene several times at parties where the applicable measures were not respected. In one place, a policewoman was attacked by a woman who refused to keep her distance and wear a mouth mask.

An intervention patrol checked an apartment on the Stadswaag last night where 8 people were having a party together. “One drunk lady (35) took an aggressive attitude and refused to wear a mouth mask and keep her distance during the check. At one point she attacked a female inspector and scratched her several times, including in the face, ”police said in a press release.

“The policewoman sustained several injuries and was incapacitated for work for several days. The aggressive lady was arrested. A second person who tried to incite those present in order to make police action more difficult was arrested administratively. ”

A party was stopped in Kammenstraat with 6 people present. A kot party with 12 people (16-20 years) was stopped at the Franklin Rooseveltplaats. After some discussion, all those present left the place, but it was ensured that the party would continue elsewhere. That is why a check was carried out later that night at the Paardenmarkt. There it turned out that several of the same partygoers were present in another room. During the check, 3 people fled from the police through the windows. The 5 other people present were administratively arrested as they were already caught for the second time and each time turned against the police.


On Sunday morning an intervention patrol noticed a party in the Smaragdstraat in Berchem. There it turned out that 17 people were celebrating Halloween. A number of those present made preparations to flee through the adjoining gardens of the house, but they changed their minds.

In the evening, 7 minors were found hanging out in the courtyard of a school building in the Monnikenhofstraat in Berendrecht. No damage was done. They were all sent home and their parents were notified.

On the Plantin and Moretuslei, 8 people were together using laughing gas in a parking lot.

Finally, the police also checked in the Stadspark and on the Quays after calls on social media to come together there and ‘celebrate’ Halloween. In the city park 15 people were found, almost all of them minors. A group of 9 people was noticed on the Quays, who fled when they noticed the police. Three people were stopped. One of them (16) was in possession of almost 50 fireworks. That was confiscated.


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