Anger in Italy: homeless person fined 400 euros for violating curfew


In Como, which is located in the Italian region of Lombardy, a curfew has been imposed since the beginning of November. A strict corona measure that we do not know in the Netherlands: nobody is allowed to be out on the street at night.

63-year-old Pasquale Giudice has been homeless for 10 years and has lived under an arched gallery in the city all this time. According to Italian media, ‘everyone in the city’ knows that, but despite this, agents fined him 400 euros for violating the corona measures.


Mattia de Marco, a young politician in the city, photographed the homeless person with the fine and shared his story on Facebook. “Pasquale hasn’t had a house for years. And as usual he was in the porch where he always sleeps last night, in the cold.”

“With his permission, I share this photo with you and I beg you to do the same, to denounce this and give him some of his dignity that has been taken from him.”

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The homeless person has had a house in the past, but has lost it due to unemployment and illness. For ten years he has been living off begging and a monthly stipend from the government.

De Marco has called on the police in the city to revoke the fine. “It is ridiculous and cruel to punish someone for not having a home.”

After media coverage of Pasquale’s story, an anonymous benefactor has come forward to pay the fine.


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