Anderlecht Online – Small struggles in the changing room (26 Nov 20)


THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2020, 11:14 AM – emjomi

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OTHERS Vincent Kompany is already trying a few games to bring a regular base team on the field. This is at the expense of some players who believe that they also deserve a place or minutes in the team. It is therefore important for the coach to keep everyone happy.

Last summer mercato RSC Anderlecht did everything in their power to rent Derrick Luckassen for another season, but now he barely gets to play. Young players Mario Kana and Antoine Colassin are also starting to lose their confidence because they are barely featured in the coach’s plans. Yari Verschaeren is more on the flank than he likes and feels better on the number 10.

There is also a plea for more aggression in the team, for which Ognjen Vranjes is the suitable candidate. Zakaria Bakkali and Michel Vlap already got their chance but did not seize it. Yet they are convinced that they can still make their contribution and deserve another chance.

All those little troubles are of course detrimental to the mental and the togetherness in the dressing room. Kompany will therefore also have to bring out its psychological side to keep everyone happy.


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