An indictment has been filed against the Chief Rabbi of the Prison Service


Prison Service (Photo of the Central District Attorney’s Office)

Embarrassment for the prison service. The State Attorney’s Office of the Central Criminal District filed an indictment today (Sunday) against the Chief Rabbi of the IPS, the Shorashim Association and the director general of the association, for fraudulent receipt of more than NIS 1 million.

According to the indictment, between the years 2019-2016, Ofer Elmaleh served in the Prison Service as the Deputy Chief Rabbi of the IPS and later as the Chief Rabbi of the rank of Gondar Mishnah. Located in the prison branches managed by the IPS, through citizens employed by non-profit organizations.

In order to decide on the identity of the association that will provide the religious services in the midrashot, the IPS has from time to time issued a tender for the provision of religious services in the midrashot.

The method of payment to the association was such that the association received a concentration of the teachers ‘working hours and issued a demand for payment to the IPS for their work. The IPS would approve the demand for payment and transfer payment to the association for the working hours, and the association would pay the teachers’ salaries.

Elmaleh and Korkus, CEO of the Shorashim Association, have devised a plan to defraud and steal the IPS. Elmaleh used to falsely increase the number of working hours of the association’s teachers (“inflating hours”) so that it would look as if the teachers worked more than they actually worked. Thus, the association fraudulently received the increased sums of money into its bank account.

In total, a cumulative amount and a surplus of NIS 1,076,308 was transferred to the association, for the teachers’ invented working hours. This amount was used by Korkus and his family, and in return, Elmaleh’s family members were paid a total of NIS 125,750 in accordance with his request, as well as funds and other benefits that are not known exactly.

Elmaleh, Korkus and the Shorashim Association are accused of theft by a public servant together, receiving anything fraudulently together and money laundering. In addition, Elmaleh is accused of taking bribes and fraud and breach of trust, and Corcos and the association are also charged with bribery. The investigation was conducted by the National Unit for the Investigation of Wardens at Blade 433 of the Israel Police. The indictment was filed by Adv. Tovi Harel of the Central Criminal District Attorney’s Office.

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