American news channel OAN is not allowed to post on You for a week …


Youtube has blocked the channel of the ultra-conservative channel One America News Network (OAN) for a week. The network, which can count on the support of President Donald Trump, has repeatedly spread false information about the corona virus, it sounds.

OAN will not be able to post any new YouTube videos for a week nor will it be able to make money from its existing videos through the platform during that period. In a statement, Youtube said the network had spread misinformation. In March, YouTube already announced that it will ban videos promoting unsubstantiated medical advice about the coronavirus.

In the case of OAN, it was a video that stated that hydroxychloroquine is a guaranteed drug against covid-19. Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, among others, also promote that drug. Hydroxychloroquine, however, is a malaria agent and although it fights (somewhat) the symptoms of covid, the side effects do not outweigh the minor effects.

The video in question has since been removed. It is the first time that the video platform prohibits OAN from posting. The network will now receive a first warning. The channel will be deleted for three warnings.

Presidential Elections

Trump has not yet responded to the incident, but has expressed support for the network several times in the past. With regard to the US presidential election, OAN resolutely takes Trump’s card and refuses to acknowledge the blessing of Democrat Joe Biden. The network posted several videos on YouTube in which it said Trump had won the election. The video platform removed that video “because it” violates confidence in the voting process “and violates the platform’s rules.

To further support Trump, the network also spread false and unsubstantiated claims of election fraud. The president praised OAN several times for his coverage, at the expense of the conservative news network Fox News, which did proclaim Biden as the winner of the presidential election.

According to figures from the analytics company SocialBlade, OAN received more than 8 million views on Youtube between November 9 and 13, more views than it received in all of October alone. That sudden rise can probably be explained by Trump’s recommendations for the network.


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