All stores in Rotterdam closed due to heavy traffic due to Black Friday | Inland


Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb says it was “confusing and dramatically busy”, according to the NOS. “Calls not to come to town have not helped. Traffic regulation has not helped either. ”

There is extra police in town. Agents approach visitors and ask them to leave the center. Especially young people are shopping. The atmosphere is calm. In addition to the shops in the center, the shops at Central Station are also closed.

Earlier Friday, the municipality placed matrix signs to remind people to avoid crowds. Especially many people walked in the vicinity of the Koopgoot, the Lijnbaan and the Binnenwegplein.

Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Groningen

It was also busy in the center of Amsterdam on Friday. The municipality called on everyone to stop shopping there. One-way traffic has been established in Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk.

On the Nieuwendijk, people are only allowed to walk towards the Dam from the passage at Primark. There is one-way traffic in Kalverstraat from Spui to Dam Square. The municipality emphasizes on Twitter that it is best for people to do party shopping on a weekday and in the morning.

It was also busy in the Eindhoven city center. The municipality called on people to postpone visits to the shops in the city center or to do online shopping. That call was also made in Groningen. “The Herestraat is too busy at the moment. There are many lines in front of the shops. We ask people to come back at a different time. This is how we keep Groningen safe together. ”


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