Albert Verlinde responds to an argument with Connie | Entertainment


Verlinde joined Beau on Monday evening to talk about his departure from Stage Entertainment, but after today’s troubles it was possible Van Erven Dorens not hesitate to ask how things are now ‘in the stairwell’. As far as Verlinde is concerned, there is nothing wrong, but he also admits that he has not spoken to his neighbor Connie anymore.

Although Albert immediately makes it clear that he does not want to talk too much about it, he states that his statement that he wants to pull her down the stairwell should not be taken too seriously. “You can see my gaze, of course that is not physical violence. I don’t want that at all. But she took it very seriously and that was clear immediately after the broadcast last night. I called immediately and tried to contact her as this was not intended. I have sent messages. Apparently she doesn’t want to, but that doesn’t matter at all. The coffee is ready when she wants, ”he emphasizes.

However, Beau does not want to stop there and states that she did have a point. “Yes, but I disagree. Everyone can have their own opinion, she has it and I have it too. And everyone can have their own emotion, and she has it and I have it too. I sincerely hope that it will be all right soon.


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