A special government committee will recommend: Free use of cannabis in Israel


In recent months, a special committee has convened to discuss policies regarding cannabis use in Israel. In the coming days, she is expected to publish her recommendations and it appears that very soon a permit for free use of cannabis will be given, this was published tonight (Sunday) in the main edition. Another recommendation of the committee would be to continue the trend of non-incrimination of cannabis consumers.

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The inter-ministerial committee appointed about four months ago includes representatives from the Israel Police, the Ministry of Internal Security and the Ministry of Health. It is intended to discuss two key issues: the non-incrimination of cannabis users and the full legalization of drug use.

The discussions show that the Ministry of Health has changed its attitude to the issue. In the past, the ministry has presented a position that the issue of cannabis use is a matter that is not medical, but socio-political, but has since changed its position. The use of cannabis as a socio-political issue was mentioned in the last elections by the Likud and Blue and White – who promised to regulate the field.

The committee has not yet decided on the proposed outline for the free use of cannabis – whether it will be carried out very broadly as in the Netherlands or in a more conservative way. The full outline is expected to be published in the coming days.


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