A physical Orlog game based on the dice game from AC: Valhalla is coming


Dicebreaker, a website focused on board games, has recently found out that there is a physical Wargame will arrive. Out of the dice game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is so popular that Ubisoft has decided to release the game physically.

The dice game from the video game is a duel between two players who have to attack each other with the different facets on a die, or to avoid or defend these attacks. Think of attacks for near or far and also protection for this. In addition, players can also have a chance to win special powers that will influence the battle even more. Exactly how this will work in a physical version is currently unknown, as is when the dice game should appear. It is clear, however, that Ubisoft is collaborating with PureArts, a studio that previously produces digital versions of One in Might & Magic have made.


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