A drop in the number of building permits issued in Ashdod


A drop in the issuance of building permits in Ashdod in the first half of 2020 – according to an analysis of CBS data conducted by the Ashdod Contractors Association. In the first two quarters of the year, permits were issued in Ashdod for the construction of 284 housing units, compared to 1122 units in 2019, 937 in 2018 , And 1117 in 2016. In Ashkelon, the situation is slightly better – in the first half, building permits were issued for 1260 housing units, compared with permits for 1308 housing units in 2019, 2057 in 2017, and 1805 in 2016.


The decline in permits can be attributed mainly to the Corona crisis which led to many delays in the licensing procedures of real estate projects. Although the real estate market was exceeded by the Corona limits but in practice the local planning institutions and committees did not work full time Influenced the pace of discussions in the various committees and accordingly the issuance of permits. In addition, in Ashdod there is a huge shortage of city building plans approved for residence, which also affects the number of construction starts in the city and the number of building permits.


French rose (Photo: Avi Rokach)At the national level, the leading cities in issuing building permits in the middle of 2020 are Tel Aviv with permits for 1868 housing units (down from 4379 in 2019), followed by Ramat Gan with permits for 1703 housing units, Jerusalem with 1488, Ashkelon in fourth place with Permits for 1260 housing units as stated, and Netanya with 1254 housing units. The top ten are also Rishon Lezion (963), Holon (743), Kiryat Gat (708), Beit Shemesh (621) and Netivot with permits for 551 housing units in the half.


According to Vered Tzarfati-Zebulon, Chairman of the Contractors Association in Ashdod and Vice President of the Builders of the Country Contractors Association“The data reflects the housing crisis in Israel in general and in Ashdod in particular – there is not enough construction in the city, not enough apartments, and the corona crisis will only exacerbate the situation. The limited activity of the planning committees in the corona months “The issuance of permits, the shortage of apartments will increase. The government must increase the standards in municipal bureaucracies, even if only by temporary provisions, it must make officials understand that building permits are a national task at the moment, and it must release additional barriers that significantly delay construction in Israel.”

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