A 3-year-old girl was found alive under the rubble of an earthquake in Turkey


Last Friday, a magnitude 7 earthquake shook the Turkish city of Izmir, killing at least 102 people, injuring another 1,000 and leaving them homeless. But the story of one 3-year-old girl left the whole world in shock, after she survived under the rubble for about 91 hours without food or water. In documentation from the incident, rescue crews can be seen rescuing the little girl from the remains of the building that collapsed from the magnitude of the earthquake.

Documentation of the medical treatment that the 3-year-old received after being rescued among the rubble (Photo: Arab networks)

The 3-year-old, named Ida Gazgin, managed to hold on under the ruined concrete and shouted for help, so the rescuers found her and began trying to rescue her. Finally, they managed to get her out from under the wall with the help of a stretcher and take her to the hospital for medical treatment. Although she had been without food or water for 91 hours, Gazgin would have looked remarkably healthy, according to reports in the Arab media networks, which later also circulated the documentation of her recovery. The girl suffered some external injuries, but there was no sign of internal bleeding, the hospital said.
View the rescue documentation of Ida Gazgin – the 3-year-old who was trapped under the rubble:

Ahmet Chalik, a rescuer who was present at the incident and was among those who found the girl alive, told the media that the incident was emotional and exciting. He said, “When she saw us she just wanted water. We talked from the first second and she was a real heroine.” Another rescuer testified that he heard cries for help and as he approached he saw Gazgin’s hand waving. He added that she directly cooperated and gave the rescuers her name. The mayor of Izmir, Tonk Sawyer, tweeted on his Twitter page and wrote: “We witnessed a miracle at ’91. Along with the great pain we experienced, we also have this joy.”

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3-year-old after surviving earthquake (Photo: Arab networks)


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