“7 facts that shatter the Pike-Submarine affair that the left is trying to hide”


PM Netanyahu (Screenshot)

After the establishment of the Bnei Gantz investigation committee into the issue of purchasing the submarines, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last night (Thursday) posted a particularly mocking post on the matter, in which he noted what he called: “7 facts that shatter the” Pike-submarines “affair that the left is trying to hide from you!”

The post reads: “Never before has such blatant political use been made of the IDF and the defense establishment as Gantz and the left have done in their desperate attempts to recycle the Pike-Submarine affair. After all law enforcement officials repeatedly stated that Prime Minister Netanyahu had nothing to do with it, Gantz appointed a committee “A politically tailor-made man who said only a year ago that” the prime minister should resign. “Everyone understands that Ganz and the left are recycling the Pike-submarine affair just to garner votes in the polls. It is unfortunate that they are willing to make unprecedented political use of the IDF as part of their election campaign.

It is also written: “The left will continue to refinance, but they will not be able to ignore the simple facts: 1 – Ganz himself said only 4 months ago that there is no reason to investigate the issue because” the Attorney General did not find it appropriate to open an investigation and I am satisfied with that. ” The Ministry of Defense knew and was involved in the purchase of the submarines and vessels, as also revealed in an official Ministry of Defense official paper recently unveiled on October 21, 2015 (the Minister of Defense was Ya’alon at the time) which stated that “Submarines’ contribution to Israel’s security is paramount. “Great in the ongoing cooperation in the region, with the aim of preserving production lines in Germany and preserving the number of submarines in the coming decades.”

“In real time, the director general of the Ministry of Defense of Boogie Ya’alon, Dan Harel, was actually proud of the deal:” The deal signed today is a very significant event that represents a dramatic leap in the Navy’s defense capabilities. We are happy and proud of the results of the negotiations. Maximum achievements in both the operational and economic spheres. ” To (Res.) Yaakov Amidror, who stated that the decisions were correct and that “the procedures for ordering the submarine fleet were correct in all professional respects.” Prof. Nagel added: “The decisions were approved with the full support of the IDF and the then Chief of Staff.”

“5 – The purchase of the submarines and cruise ships, including the issue of” Egyptian submarines “has been scanned with iron combs time and time again by all law enforcement agencies, including those who, to say the least, do not support Prime Minister Netanyahu, who stated that Prime Minister Netanyahu acted lawfully. Only a month ago in his reply to the High Court that there is no need to open an investigation against the prime minister.6 – Ya’alon, who praised Netanyahu a week before leaving the Defense Ministry, lost all public trust when the law enforcement system stated that his testimony (“I did not know about the submarine purchase”) “More than gossip.” An email sent by the Defense Ministry’s legal adviser in July 2014 to Defense Ministry Director General Dan Harel during Ya’alon’s tenure as defense minister had already proved by then that Ya’alon was well aware of the procurement processes. ”

The last paragraph: “7 – and the culmination of hypocrisy: Some of the people who were reported to have given affidavits for the establishment of the sewn committee are well-known leftists who sought to serve as advisers to … Mickey Ganor, the representative of ThyssenKrupp shipyard in Israel! “With Avraham Ben-Shoshan, who was appointed one of the members of Ganz’s tailor-made committee. If it wasn’t sad, it would be funny.”

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