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Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5

Demon’s Souls is the rock-hard RPG from From Software that created a completely new genre. With a “figure it out” mentality, players embarked on a deadly journey through the world of Boletaria. You will find the charm in the fact that the game does not explain the basics to you and you actually even have to figure out how most systems work.

Yet this can actually be a deterrent. That is why we explain here the most important things that Demon’s Souls does not tell you. This way you can enjoy the remake from the first moment without wandering around completely lost and dying again and again.


Equip Burden is of great importance

In Demon’s Souls, the ability to create a dodge roll to create one of the greatest values ​​in your arsenal. Rolling away quickly from a deadly attack saves your life more often than you’d like to admit. That is why it is very important that you are fast and agile when you roll away.

Over time, you will notice that this will not work if you are steadily collecting new and better gear. This has to do with the Equip Burden. In Demon’s Souls, your character can only carry a certain weight before he becomes slower (and therefore can roll worse).

The thing is that you keep your Equip Burden below 50 percent to keep rolling optimally. If you are above this, you will make a slower roll that is often not good enough to avoid an attack. Anyone who even exceeds 100 percent will no longer be able to roll away at all.

Fortunately, you can increase your Equip Burden, so you can use that better gear well. For this you have to level your Endurance. You can also use the Ring of Great Strength. This can be found in the dragon nest of the Boletarian Palace, but it is guarded by two deadly dragons.

Archstone Bonfire works as a resting point

Value bonfires guaranteed some peace and quiet in Dark Souls, the Archstone Bonfires in Demon’s Souls work in a similar way. There is only one big difference. No option is given to rest at these points.

Yet it is there, just in a somewhat cumbersome way. The game doesn’t tell you, but you can just select the location where you are already. By doing this respawn you at this point and you have your life bar completely full again. All enemies are also back, but that was to be expected.

World Tendency is changing the world

One of the elements known to experienced Demon’s Souls players is called World Tendency. For new players, this is just an element that is often referred to without newcomers knowing what it is exactly. Players should figure out this important part for themselves, was the mindset of From Software.

World Tendency, for example, can be found in your Character Page and indicate the status of the game world. The actions you take during your play session greatly affect the world. Whoever defeats bosses and Demons causes the World Tendency to turn white. This makes the play world a bit easier (Black Phantoms disappear for example), other characters appear and you end up at new corridors that are filled with cool loot. The disadvantage is that there is less souls are to collect, which slows down your level.

On the other hand, of course, there is also Black World Tendency. This is what you get when you die multiple times in your Body Form in the same area. The game world then gets a bit more difficult with enemies that have more HP, Black Phantom NPCs that appear to make your life miserable and Primeval Demons that appear in some levels. The advantage is that Black World Tendency is boosted your Luck status and you more souls can collect when killing enemies.

You can pause on the PS5

In Demon’s Souls it is not normally possible to pause the game. Whoever sits in the menu is still being demolished by enemies. Rest does not exist in the kingdom of Boletaria. That is, until the remake came out.

While the menu still won’t pause the game, Demon’s Souls Photo Mode still allows you to pause the game. This is the only way to save yourself in the brutal world of Boletaria. Although it does not exactly fit the mindset of From Software, it is a welcome addition for many.

Body Form not always beneficial

In Demon’s Souls you have two forms that your character can take. You have the Body Form, where you have your full life bar and the Soul Form. With the latter, your life bar is cut in half and your character has a light blue glow.

You can regain Body Form by defeating bosses or by using the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Just keep in mind that Body Form can give you an unexpected surprise. Players can then enter your game world to hunt you.

Guide: These Demon’s Souls tips will get you started

With these Demon’s Souls tips you can get through the first hours and you know the mysteries behind a number of important elements from the game. Now is the time to slaughter demons and restore the balance in Boletaria. Demon’s Souls will be available on PS5 from November 19, 2020.


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