25 year old man stabbed to death by 16 year old with whom he has a child


The body of the man is taken away – photo of the Suriname Police Force

The man who was found dead in a house on Oude Charlesburgweg last Thursday is 25-year-old Pascal Mac-Andrew. The Suriname Police Corps has just confirmed that he was stabbed to death by his partner, the 16-year-old AA with whom he has a child. The teenage mother is detained and, given her youthful age, is housed in the Grandpa Doelie Transit Center.

Police from the Munder Bureau found Mac-Andrew dead in the house in the afternoon of Thursday, November 5. Pascal’s corpse showed a stab injury, in which part of a sharp object was stuck in the body.

The preliminary investigation has shown that the victim was stabbed by the 16-year-old suspect AA. She is presumably Pascal’s partner and from that relationship there is a child of about one year old. According to the statement of the suspect, she thought it was a burglar who entered the house.

Since the house was not supplied with electricity and was pitch black, she grabbed the sharp object and waved it the first time in the direction of the unknown man. At one point she was grabbed by the victim near the bathroom and on that occasion the female suspect inflicted a fatal stabbing on Pascal’s chest area.

After committing the offense, AA left the home with her baby. Later that day she made contact with a local resident, indicating that a burglar had probably entered the house. As a result, the local resident went to the address and found Pascal’s lifeless body in a pool of blood.

The police were immediately called in. A doctor called in officially determined Pascal’s death. His lifeless body was confiscated for autopsy by order of the Public Prosecution Service. The part of the sharp object has been confiscated pending the investigation.

The 16-year-old suspect AA has been detained after consultation with the Public Prosecution Service. The investigation in this case is being continued by the Capital Offenses Department, the Surinamese police reports.

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