18-year-old arrested for sedition students | Inland


The woman is suspected of sedition. She allegedly posted a message on social media that encouraged others to commit “criminal offenses against the school and teacher”, the police reported.

Because the investigation is still ongoing, the Public Prosecution Service and the police will not make any further statements.

Earlier this week, it was announced that a teacher from the school had to go into hiding because a cartoon in his classroom was shared on Instagram and threats appeared under the post.

The cartoon was made by cartoonist Joep Bertrams, who won the Inkspot Prize in 2015. The print shows a decapitated man in a Charlie Hebdo shirt sticking out his tongue at the jihadist who just decapitated him.

A number of students of the school (wrongly) saw the prophet Mohammed. They demanded that the drawing be removed because it would be ‘blasphemy’. A photo of the drawing in the schoolroom appeared on the Internet, followed by threats against the teacher.

According to Telegraaf reporter Wierd Duk, the umpteenth call for connection and deradicalisation is no longer sufficient:

Education Minister Arie Slob (Primary Education) thinks it is terrible that a teacher has to go into hiding after a lesson on freedom of expression, he wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “We stand firmly behind this teacher,” said Slob.


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