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Yesterday it was announced that whoever will be the next project manager to deal with the corona virus, will be Professor Nachman Ash. The current project manager, Gamzo, will return to work at Ichilov Hospital. Prof. Ash, who has had an impressive military medical career, is apparently accustomed to operations. But it is doubtful if anything ever prepared him to conduct the great operation to deal with the virus. A study of the landmarks where he went through fire during his life leaves much room for optimism.

The military doctor

Prof. Nachman Ash was born in Petah Tikva in 1985. The new projector began his medical career very early when he served in the IDF. Prof. Ash took a course in medical officers in the IDF, and began his first position in his regular service as a battalion doctor in the Givati ​​Brigade. Later he was the division doctor. In the years 1989-1991 he was a doctor (medical officer) in the General Staff Reconnaissance Regiment.

In 1992, Ash was elected to participate as a force physician in the operation to assassinate Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, Operation Sheikh Etad. As part of the training for the operation, a serious training accident occurred, which would later be called the ‘Tselim Disaster B’. During training, two Tammuz missiles were fired at a group of soldiers who resembled Saddam Hussein’s entourage. Ash, who rushed to the scene of the accident, was the first doctor to treat the patrol wounded. Five fighters were killed in the fatal accident, and five more were injured.

Prof. Ash continued to advance in the IDF Medical Corps and served in a number of other senior positions including the Head of the Medical Branch, and the Medical Commander of the Southern Command. During his service, Prof. Ash performed his many specializations.

Working together

In the years 2004-2005, Ash was a trainee at the National Security College, the college intended for senior security systems in the country. After graduating, he was appointed deputy chief medical officer, Brigadier General Dr. Hezi Levy, who currently serves as the director general of the Ministry of Health. The two, who are probably well trained in working together, will work in great coordination in the near future..

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In 2007 he was appointed Chief Medical Officer, the most senior position in the Medical Corps. During his tenure, Operation Cast Lead took place in which half of the IDFs were given to medical personnel.

Since his release in 2012, Prof. Ash has served in a variety of senior positions in the health systems. He currently serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Systems Management at Ariel University.

Ash currently lives in Rosh HaAyin, and is married to Shifra, also a doctor, of course.

A winning recipe for us

Last August, in an interview with Radio 103fm, Prof. Ash was asked if he thought there was a winning recipe for dealing with the corona virus. Ash replied that: “I do not think there is a winning recipe, you are right that there are different forms of coping. I think it has a lot to do with the nature of the country and the health care system in that country“We need to find the winning recipe for us, without having a big price to pay for the economy and the current life in the country.”

After Roni Gamzo’s tenure was accompanied by many political pressures, it is to be hoped that the new project manager will be able to walk between the drops and continue the positive trend in which the State of Israel has been since the closure.

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