Use the Apple iPad Air 2020 as a laptop with these keyboards


The iPad Air 2020 is strong enough to use as a laptop. The ‘laptop experience’ is complete with the purchase of a keyboard cover. Read here which keyboard is the best to purchase.

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During the September event, Apple unveiled the fourth generation of the iPad Air. Apple’s tablet, which falls between the ‘regular’ iPad and iPad Pro, is simply the best option for most people. The Air borrows the best features of the Pro, including the modern design and the powerful specifications, but for hundreds of euros less.

Under the hood of the iPad Air (2020) is the brand new A14 Bionic chip. This is the most powerful processor Apple has ever made and it shows. The tablet is faster, runs games more smoothly and flies through the software.

The iPad Air 2020 is now strong enough to replace a laptop. With the purchase of a keyboard cover, the ‘laptop experience’ is complete. A keyboard provides a better typing experience and makes completing a document a breeze.

Why a keyboard?

Apple Magic Keyboard

We dedicate the first recommendation to the Magic keyboard from Apple. The keyboard is a bit pricey, but in terms of design it fits seamlessly with the iPad Air 2020. The backlit keyboard and trackpad for cursor and multi-gesture control make the ‘magic’ keyboard the most suitable choice.

Bestel Apple Magic Keyboard via Apple for 339 euros

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

This keyboard, in combination with a laptop cover, offers your iPad Air 2020 just a little more protection. Another advantage: you never have to charge this keyboard or connect it to your iPad via Bluetooth. Simply pair the tablet and keyboard together and start typing right away.

Small downside is the lack of a trackpad. Check for yourself which things you use the keyboard for. If you just surf the internet, watch movies, and maybe tap a few emails here and there, a keyboard without a trackpad is fine.

Bestel Apple Smart Keyboard Folio via Coolblue for 199 euros

Logitech Folio Touch

Logitech Folio Touch

The Logitech Folio Touch has a fully backlit keyboard. You can easily connect this keyboard via the Smart Connector. Furthermore, the Folio Touch has several shortcut keys. With this you can easily return to the home screen, adjust the brightness of the keyboard lighting and the volume.

The Folio Touch is not yet available in the Netherlands. It’s still a matter of patience, but then you also have something. The keyboard with trackpad is in fact, compared to the Magic keyboard from Apple, priced a lot softer. The price is expected to be around 160 euros.


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