Trackguide Imola: ‘You can sometimes see people’s laundry hanging’


Formula 1 will be reunited with an old love this weekend: the so-called Emilia Romagna GP will be held at the Autodromo Enzo é Dino Ferrari in Imola. The circuit in the forests of Bologna is famous and infamous but has not been visited by the royal class since 2006. Driver Tom Coronel refreshes the collective memory for a while.

In addition to the layout itself, it is also the surroundings of the track that can charm Coronel. “It is located in a residential area, people have their fence against the circuit. Where do you find that now? When you arrive at Imola you think: where is the track? But suddenly you find yourself in a street and there you are. ”

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“I have often driven different types of cars at Imola: Formula cars, GTs and touring cars. There are some weird curves in the circuit, it goes up and down. The most famous corner is Tamburello, where Ayrton Senna crashed in 1994. They took the speed out of there. Via the Variante Villeneuve you arrive at Tosa, a somewhat strange bend with a kink in a blind corner. ”

“The Variante Alta has cool curbs that you can walk over quite a bit. At that point you are pretty much in people’s backyard: if you look closely you can see the laundry hanging. Imola is a track with mainly medium and low speed corners, so you can drive closer behind other cars. I am very curious about what overtaking is like for Formula 1. But this track has always been good for Formula 1. So why not now?


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