The Israeli experimenters who will receive the vaccine against Corona are ready: …


The first experimenters are prepared to receive the corona vaccine: This coming Sunday, Israel will take an important step on the road to a vaccine against corona – and the human experiment at the Biological Institute will begin. The first two experimenters selected to participate in the trial will receive it – and then remain in hospital for a day. Vaccine development usually takes between 5 and 10 years, but under these circumstances – a vaccine develops much faster, and Israel is part of the prestigious club of countries that are on the way there.

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Each of the 80 participants in the trial who will receive the vaccine has a 1 in 3 chance of not receiving the real vaccine – but a dummy shot. Anyone who actually gets the dummy shot will be part of the experiment’s control group – and that’s about a third of the participants. Most of them will indeed receive the real vaccine – and after examining their condition it will become clear whether the vaccine is effective and safe to use.

The vaccine was developed using technology that has been successfully tested against the Ebola virus

Hadassah Hospital announced this morning that the first participant to receive the vaccine at the hospital is a 34-year-old young man. This is a doctoral student from the south of the country, who volunteered to take part in the experiment. In the clinical research unit at the hospital, the final preparations for the vaccination were completed and the first participant received a message last night from the director of the clinical research unit at Hadassah, Prof. Yossi Karko, and the research coordinator Hannah Drori, that he was found suitable to participate in the trial.

The vaccine doses were received by the pharmacist of the unit at Hadassah and placed in deep-freezer refrigerators until Sunday morning, when they will be prepared for the first injection. On Sunday morning, between the hours of 08:00 and 10:00, the vaccination will be tested and performed.

Hopes are pinned on the Biological Institute’s vaccine against corona | Photo: Ministry of Defense and Institute for Biological Research

The Israeli vaccine developed at the Biological Institute uses a similar technology that has been successfully tested for some time against the Ebola virus. Along with this technology, there have been quite a few side effects, some of them serious, such as arthritis, which lasted for some time. The Ministry of Defense responds by saying that this is a proven and effective technology, and that the side effects of the Ebola vaccine are minor.

The biological institute’s experimental protocol was published tonight on the US FDA website. This is a positive sign, as it ensures transparency and supervision at the highest level. In the first phase of the trial the vaccine will be injected for 18-55 year olds, then for 56-85 year olds.


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