The corona virus has a major social impact: division, fatigue and sadness


We will discuss the far-reaching social consequences on Saturday evening in the De Staat van Drenthe program.

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Where in the first corona wave we still clapped for the health care workers, the health workers are now abused and intimidated. Journalists also face increasing aggression when they report on corona. Director / editor-in-chief Dink Binnendijk: “What we do is keep facts and lies apart. We must be able to express supporters and opponents of the policy. Nobody should doubt our journalistic method, because we have no interest in select.”

Another consequence of this uncertain time is that we get psychological problems from deeply traumatic events. “I had to let my wife die alone,” a man tells us. We also get lonely, says Dorien de Groot of GGZ Drenthe. “Isolation is increasing. There is pressure on families and relationships. We notice that people are slowly becoming exhausted. In addition, it is very difficult for our employees and patients that they cannot meet us physically. We are worried about the future.”

Inge Pesch, medical director of healthcare organization Dignis, talks about the drama in nursing home De Omloop in Norg. In a very short time, 14 of the 23 residents there died of the corona virus. “We were faced with a situation that you fear and that you hope will not happen to you. We have to deal with this and that takes time,” Pesch says in the program.

In the talk show De Staat van Drenthe, presenter Marjolein Lauret and various guests discuss a topic that is important to our province. The State of Drenthe will be broadcast on Saturday at 8.10 pm. The program will be repeated at 10:10 pm. The broadcast can also be viewed via and the app, you can also look back on broadcast missed and on YouTube.


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