Submarine affair: “Prime Minister can not hide behind Yossi Cohen”


Following the revelation of the affidavit of former Defense Ministry Director General (Res.) Dan Harel, Ben Caspit Winon Magal spoke with Maj. Gen. (Res.) Amos Gilad on 103FM. Gilad emphasizes the fact that the affair was not investigated and criticized the conduct of Rosh Hashanah. The Mossad Yossi Cohen in his position as head of the National Security Council at the time. According to Maj. Gen. Res.: “The mistake of the Ministry of Defense is that he obeyed the instructions that came in the name of the Prime Minister and not directly from him.”

Yinon: What’s the situation? Your submarines are back.
“The fact that you call it ‘your submarines’ is already annoying, it’s like you’re underestimating it. But it’s the most serious scandal that has been here that confusing money with patterns of alleged corruption with IDF stockpiling priorities it will ultimately affect us all. This is a serious matter that has not been absorbed into the consciousness. “

Inon: Investigate it.
“You are cynical but disrespectful of an important thing they have not investigated anything there is no investigation and no investigation even indictments have not yet been filed.”

Protesters against Netanyahu in procession in Tel Aviv (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)

Yinon: Explain to me.
“Indictments subject to a hearing that is getting longer and longer.”

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Inon: Why?
“That’s how the system here works. Do not underestimate these things. I do not take it personally. I do not mind getting the amount it is worth but underestimate it? You are wrong in your approach.”

Yinon: Did the ombudsman and the police not open an investigation? Did Ganor not withdraw from the testimony?
“An indictment has been filed in a district court until it is filed. There are no indictments. There are indictments that are pending in the Ministry of Justice until there is a hearing. The pace here is crazy. It will be a very serious thing. There will be war. Suppose tomorrow Hezbollah launches. I hope not, rockets.” “Land forces, because of money, there may be no technologies.”

Yinon: Dan Harel submitted it 3 years ago.
“Just because you shout does not mean you are right it just means you do not know what you are talking about. There is no police investigation into the submarines and stocks, there is no state commission of inquiry to examine how the PM’s office gives an order to drop an international tender it means the taxpayer pays more money, how all This decision-making process is flawed, it is not a technical matter, it is not absorbed into the consciousness because of the contempt of people like you. “

Ben: Yesterday a smoking cannon was exposed; Yinon: Yossi Cohen is also a suspect now and everyone in the conspiracy and everyone stole the State of Israel and Bibi and everyone.
“You’re really annoying.”

Ben: Thank you very much.
“You’re not annoying me.”

Yinon: The head of the Mossad?
“What is important? The head of the Mossad, it comes from the top, suddenly canceling an international tender? It must not be canceled. The mistake of the Ministry of Defense that he obeyed instructions that came on behalf of the Prime Minister and not directly from him. I was in similar situations. I was told that way.” He and he are not allowed he should convene a cabinet with all due respect to the military secretary and national security adviser it is a different story but with all due respect he is not the prime minister. “The Prime Minister is the one constantly throwing mud like you do Yinon, so sinful to the security of the country.”

Yinon: What’s the argument? Am I throwing slime? come on.
“You who? You underestimate what corrupt is.”

Yinon: Because the slime and mud is on these people, as if Yossi Cohen is corrupt.
“Who said the head of the Mossad is corrupt?”

Ben: I apologize for having to put up with this thing, no one said Yossi Cohen was corrupt. What was said by Dan Harel and Amos Gilad repeats is that Cohen conveyed an instruction as head of the National Security Council and it is clear that the person who told him was the Prime Minister, so you are saying this on your own behalf only.
“I want to explain something: the prime minister is a very knowledgeable person he knows all the details, really I do not remember anyone being so knowledgeable about the details, and when he wants to push something he pushes personally. It is impossible to hide behind Yossi Cohen. “The mistake of the Ministry of Defense had to say with all due respect to the military secretary” you will not bring the order you want, the defense minister will be summoned to the prime minister, he will shoot him and he will pass it to the cabinet that shoots. “

Inon: The whole submarine thing is his idea.

Yinon: Amidror – so he is also corrupt?
“You’re like in the market, why blame people.”

Inon: What will your claim explain?
“You all have empty passwords and blame people.”

Ben: He does not understand this; Inon: Only you understand; Ben: In submarines I understand; The headline that Israel is going to buy three submarines, contrary to the defense establishment’s opinion, was mine, Amidror is Netanyahu’s excuse and he, as a private citizen, gave an opinion that more submarines were needed and that Netanyahu’s fig rose. What do you think of Mandelblit? I who believe in Mandelblit’s honesty ask how he could have this evidence that Rama is the one pushing to cancel the tender for the ships so that ThyssenKrupp will make billions and Ganor and Shimron will make a profit. What do you think of the consultant?
“I also know him and he is a very honest man. I think it’s because it’s no energy, I see the police. How will she investigate if she has such a commander? Instead of saying you’re corrupt and you’re corrupt there’s a national security issue. We need submarines, we need the question of how much and in relation to what. “

Yinon: What’s your argument?
“Not my argument, stop with mine.”

Ben: It will not stop, it is built like this.
“There is a decision-making process. How is the resource divided? Does the IDF need 25 submarines? Erez will not have a land and air force. Will the submarines decide the next war?” No, ground forces. What do they need? Tanks, air bombs, the best planes and submarines need a number proportional to our capabilities, so the one who determines the IDF’s needs is the chief of staff and above him sits the defense minister and next to him the defense ministry which is part of the defense system and then subordinates to the minister In the Israeli system, it is allowed to sell F-35 to Abu Dhabi. “

Inon: Not allowed?
“Not allowed in any way on any deal you must transfer to the Cabinet, we are a non-royal parliamentary system.”

Ben: Not for a long time.
“At least that’s how the basics are.”

Yinon: Does he need to get approval?
“Prime Minister Netanyahu is initiating and pushing. He has a perception of submarines that is impressive and convincing.”

Ben: Didn’t bring to the cabinet, that’s all; Yinon: What do you say about the approval of the peace agreement?
“Excellent, excellent agreement.”

Yinon: You did not believe it was possible.
“It has nothing to do with what I believed the agreement was very important and excellent.”

Yinon: I read in your book.
“You read personal things. You ask what I think? Excellent.”

Ben: He read two books – Steinitz’s and yours.
“Congratulations to the Prime Minister on this agreement, it is important. If the price is F35 and violates the balance of power between the IDF, “I oppose it.”

Inon: The Americans promised the Saudis this in 2015.
“You are wrong in the facts, they promised not to sell it. There are explicit offers, no Arab country has promised.”

Yinon: Is it possible to produce the plane but not at the level of Israel?
“There is no such thing, if you look at the map you will see that Israel is small. American technology, before the glorious Israeli pilot meets the enemy pilot, let’s say the Arab world is overthrown American technology can therefore overpower him even in the US through Israel’s advantage law. It’s a modern 5th generation murderous war machine so the Americans promised not to sell

Ben: How to feel along with two other champions Udi Adam and Dan Harel left? Now you are also a leftist.
“This is the method that makes Yinon everything personal. Market slanders work. Do not work even 35 for Saudi Arabia. I do not care if they call me a leftist. I said Arafat should be killed. I was attacked from the left. I am a murderer. I gave an opinion according to the best judgment.” Abu Dhabi is important? Very important Is this a tremendous achievement of the Prime Minister? “A tremendous achievement and worthy of credit from here to heaven, I have no problem praising him for his position on Iran.”

Yinon: The IDF opposed the Iron Dome.
“I do not know, the IDF does not object, it has resources and in the end it has an iron dome.”

Inon: because a defense minister came against the position; Ben: Do you remember the name?
“The IDF does not object, it objects to things at the expense of its budget, the Ministry of Defense finds it. It is a matter of balances or the government is intervening, so we need all these balances to prevent mistakes. “

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