Soldier of Orange shut down until corona is under control | Entertainment


“The virus and the current road map of the national government are compelling production – and the entire cultural sector at home and abroad – to make far-reaching decisions,” said producer Fred Boot. He emphasizes that the safety and health of the cast, crew and audience are paramount. “It is expected that there will be no relaxation for the time being that will make it economically sound to play the performance again.”

The 40 million euros that the cabinet announced last Tuesday for the non-subsidized theater producers will not change that, says Boot. “The constant start-up and shutdown of production, the rebooking of tickets over and over again, is not a sustainable situation for the organization, nor for the employees, nor for the public.”

Staff members

The cast and crew have been informed of the decision this week. Every evening 150 actors and crew members were at work in the theater. The producer emphasizes that the performance will be restarted as soon as the virus is under control and it can and may again be played in front of full houses.

Regular ticket sales had been halted for some time to give voucher holders priority when rebooking their tickets. Current voucher and ticket holders are asked to keep their vouchers (still to be received) until they can book new play dates with priority. This concerns tens of thousands of people. The public will be informed as soon as possible when the new playing period is known.

The moment of the news is bitter; Friday it is exactly ten years ago that the mega hit premiered. The performance, which tells the life story of resistance hero Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema, has since been played continuously in sold-out venues. The musical has been performed almost 2,900 times; more than 3.3 million people have now seen the play.


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