Samsung Galaxy S21 (or S30) Ultra comes with mysterious camera sensor


Renders have been leaked of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s successor. We see a completely new design of the phone’s camera with five sensors on the back.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The successors of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series are coming, and we do not yet know whether the devices bear the name Galaxy S30 or Galaxy S21. What we already get to see are renders of the S30 or S21 Ultra phone that have been leaked via the rumor distributor Steve Hemmerstoffer via Voice. We already see that the renders are very similar to the images that appeared before of the regular and the Plus version.

Recognizable is the camera setup that extends completely into the edge of the phone and we also notice that Samsung uses four cameras on the back. This means that in addition to the main camera, wide-angle camera, periscope camera and depth camera, there is a fifth, unknown sensor. It may be a Time of Flight camera, but another option is that it is a laser autofocus in the form of a camera lens.

Camera specifications

When it comes to the specifications of the camera, there are also many questions. According to rumors, Samsung wants to reuse the 108 MP camera of the S20 Ultra in its successor, but more information was already released about a 150 MP camera that will be used for the Plus version. It is also not the first time that we have heard that Samsung is working on a 150 MP camera sensor.

What do you think about the designs shared of the Samsung Galaxy S30 or S21, and what do you expect the fifth sensor to be? What name would Samsung give to its next line of flagships? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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