Rutte: Quick clarity about the deployment of additional measures, but not necessary now | Coronavirus


videoIn the coming days it will become clear whether the corona numbers require additional measures. Prime Minister Rutte said this during his weekly press conference this afternoon. But at least at the moment there is no need.

Edwin van der Aa

Latest update:

“We are at a crossroads,” the prime minister repeated today. Rutte: “It is still too early to determine the exact effect of the partial lockdown. But the number of people who tested positive seems constant. We will be monitoring the situation very closely. ”

There is some optimism in the Prime Minister. “We are prepared to take any conceivable measure if necessary, but at the moment we see that the package that is now in place, given the first tentative indications of how the virus is spreading, at least not now. gives cause today or tomorrow to take extra measures. ”

The reports are moderately positive, according to Rutte. “But we also have to consider whether we want to accelerate that trend with extra measures. And what kind of damage does that cause? ”

The trend should become visible in the coming days, according to the prime minister. “We expect clarity soon and Minister De Jonge and I will hold another press conference on Tuesday. We will then inform you about the current situation and let you know whether additional measures are needed.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte during his press conference after the weekly cabinet meeting. © ANP

Other, major interventions apply almost everywhere in Europe, Rutte observes. “The day-to-day control of the virus is a national matter, but exchanging knowledge and information remains important.”

The number of travel movements in the Netherlands, important for the infections, is currently at the level of June. That is more than during the first intelligent lockdown, but less than in the summer. According to Rutte ‘an encouraging development’.

The prime minister expects to be able to give a definite answer about the travel advice for the winter period as soon as possible. But it is not yet clear whether that advice will be available on Tuesday.

RIVM today reports a new record of 11,141 infections, but that is partly due to many delayed reports and more tests. That is why the institute speaks of a stabilization and a ‘hopeful’ image. The number of occupied hospital beds is also leveling off somewhat. “This could be the first effect of the measures.”


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