Police catch young partygoers after anonymous tip | Inland


The police tracked down the party after an anonymous tip.

All those present were fined. “We prevented it from becoming a bigger party. We will keep an eye on the location for the next few hours ”, the Gelderland police reported on Twitter. The police do not want to say exactly which location it concerns.

In Dordrecht, 19 young people received a voucher who had come together at a skating rink under the Zwijndrecht bridge. They were guilty of gathering, drinking alcohol on the street and urinating in public, according to the police.

On Wednesday, the police in Rotterdam fined eleven men and women between 20 and 22 years old, who did not care about the corona rules. They were partying in a house on the Achterharingvliet. Neighbors had complained about loud music. The sound system was included because agents at the same address should have intervened earlier in the week due to noise nuisance.


Due to the corona virus, the police have recently been extra vigilant about illegal parties and other activities where many people come together. Most infections probably take place at (home) parties and family gatherings. The maximum number of visitors who are ‘urgently advised’ to receive at home (indoors and outdoors) has therefore previously been reduced to three people per day, excluding children under the age of 13.

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