New dividend policy in Phoenix – will share 30% of total profit


To date, the company has distributed only 25% of total profit; In addition, the company published the results of the solvency ratio for 2019, which stands at 165%.

Phoenix Insurance has published the results of the solvency ratio (Solvency II) for 2019, which shows that Phoenix is ​​in a solvency ratio of 165%, considering the deployment period recently determined by the Commissioner until 2032.

The solvency ratio of Phoenix Insurance without the deployment period is 105% higher than the minimum threshold set by the Commissioner of the Capital Market Authority for the distribution of dividends from insurance companies.

The Group also publishes the dividend policy at Phoenix Holdings and Phoenix Insurance. In Phoenix Holdings – a new dividend distribution policy was approved, according to which it will distribute at least 30% of the total profit each year and in Phoenix Insurance – based on best practice as in the sand, it built a model for the company’s capital construction forecast and set long-term capital targets accordingly.

The traffic light model stipulates that the company can divide 50% -30% of its profits as long as the solvency ratio without a deployment period and after distribution is higher than 105% and the solvency ratio that takes into account the deployment provisions is higher than 135%.

The company deviated from this policy, the structural change of the Phoenix Excellence Pension and Provident Fund from the insurance company to the Phoenix Holdings company which has received the approval of the board of directors and is awaiting approval of the income tax.


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