Netanyahu to the merchants: “I know how difficult it is. Hold on for a few more days’


The Prime Minister addressed the business owners: “The disease is soaring all over the world. We have succeeded in bringing it down together, we do not want it to rise again.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video today (Friday), in which he addresses merchants across the country and asks to be patient – until the trade is expected to open on Sunday in a week.

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To all my fellow traders, I know how difficult it is. I ask you to cooperate for a few more days. We promised to open next Sunday, maybe before if the morbidity goes down, and that’s the main problem – the morbidity is skyrocketing all over the world. “We succeeded in bringing it down together, we do not want it to rise again and then we will have to impose restrictions again,” Netanyahu said.

The Prime Minister promised: “I will help you in any way, we have helped you financially, we will help you by other means. Hold on, you can open a few more days and with the help of the name we will overcome the illness together and the corona together. We will help you rebuild your business. You are important to me, I hear you, I understand you. “

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Last night, Thursday, a zoom meeting of the chairmen of the markets was held throughout the country, at which it was decided to unite immediately and now act as one body, with every decision made at the meetings, applying to all markets. The one who was unanimously elected to head the union is Tali Friedman, chairman of the Mahane Yehuda market traders’ committee, who said: “We have decided to unite and act as one force, we have decided to act differently, otherwise there will be nothing to save.”

Friedman said: “We have announced that next week none of us will participate in the discussion in the Knesset’s Economics Committee on the issue of markets.”

Friedman also calls on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to fire Health Minister Yuli Edelstein. “We call on the Prime Minister to dismiss the Minister of Health immediately, in our opinion his conduct and decisions are illogical and detached from reality.”


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