NBA: Mike D’Antoni will serve as Nash’s assistant in Brooklyn


After Daryl Murray Find a new home Also came today (Friday) is the turn of Mike D’Antoni, who left Houston after four years as eight of Steve Nash’s new assistant coach at the Brooklyn Nets. For D’Antoni this is a reunion with the Rocky coach, who will try to remind everyone of the marvelous basketball they played in the first decade of the 21st century in the Phoenix Suns uniform and at the same time will prefer to forget the episode in the Los Angeles Lakers.

At the time, D’Antoni was the head coach while Nash and Emma Studmeier starred as team players while this season it will be Nash who will lead the professional team, D’Antoni will be his assistant and Studmeier will be in charge of player development. Nash, with the help of his old friends and with the help of superstar duo Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will try to lead Brooklyn to its first NBA championship.

As a reminder, D’Antoni left the Houston Rockets after four years in which he recorded a balance of 217 wins and 102 losses and set the highest success rate on the West Coast during his time on the team, with only the Toronto Raptors recording a higher percentage of wins in the entire league. In 2017 he was named coach of the season, but in the end his tenure in Texas ended in disappointment due to not making it to the NBA Finals.


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