Mayor prohibits shooting IRA series: producer furious | 1Limburg


Mayor Donders van Roermond has banned recordings of a TV series in Roermond. Next week, recordings would be made on the Market for a drama series about the IRA attack that was committed in Roermond in 1990.

Donders believes that the admissions cannot take place due to the current corona measures.

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Wrong signal
“Coming together with eighty people of actors and extras falls under group formation and that is not allowed according to the emergency ordinance,” said a spokesman for the municipality. “Quite apart from the fact that such a whole circus with cameras and scaffolding always attracts a large audience. That is also undesirable.”

The municipality believes that if they let the recordings go ahead, this may undermine support for the current strict measures. “The catering industry and terraces must be closed and then those recordings should be allowed to continue? Then you send the wrong signal.”

Exception position
Production company Pupkin of the Tegel producer Pieter Kuijpers does not agree at all. “As if we are going to have a party there on the market. We just do our job. The minister has also made an exceptional position for this, as it also says in the regulation. In addition, we use strict protocols in the film world to prevent contamination. “

In the regulation to which Kuijpers refers, an exception to group formation is possible for practicing a profession for up to 100 people. Nevertheless, the mayor and the Safety Region are of the opinion that these types of activities are not covered, because social and social intercourse must be limited as much as possible. Going to court was of no avail, because the latter declared that they had no jurisdiction to judge the dispute.

Decision with gut
“The mayor decides purely on the basis of her gut. I cannot understand this,” said Kuijpers. The project involves a lot of subsidy money. Pupkin indicates that he is looking for a new location so that the recordings can still continue.


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