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Mayor Roel Wever of Heerlen was hospitalized last Friday with heart complaints. He had collapsed in the gym. “That was a huge shock. Life literally and figuratively stood still for a moment.”

Weaver says in a personal statement that he was on the treadmill when it happened. “In retrospect, it turns out that a blocked coronary artery is the cause of this. At such moments you realize all the more how important your health is.”

Wever hopes to be on his feet in a few weeks’ time and to pick up his life, work and sports’ step by step ‘. On Monday, a box will be placed in his hospital to monitor his heart rhythm. “That way I can continue to recover calmly.”

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In consultation
How quickly he can resume his work as mayor, among other things, depends on how he feels. “It is in close consultation with the home front, the doctors and my colleagues. Time will tell whether a possible follow-up operation is still necessary,” says Wever in the candid statement.

The mayor says he is currently feeling good given the circumstances and is looking forward to getting back to work.

Heart warming
“I had a great time as mayor of Heerlen and then this happens. My wife and I are impressed and touched by all the heartwarming reactions. They do us good and give us extra strength to pick up the thread again”, concludes Weaver’s statement.

Just installed
Roel Wever (VVD) was installed more than a month ago as the new mayor of Heerlen. Last Saturday, the municipality announced that he would be absent for an indefinite period and was hospitalized for a medical procedure.

The mayor has now disclosed his situation through a personal message.

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