Justice Belgium lets Jan Kooijman go without punishment after stalking


The presenter and his client SBS Belgium were on trial on Wednesday for harassing a vet when they released the television program in 2016 Rushed recordings. They visited the man because he allegedly stalked someone and they wanted to confront him with it. But they in turn stalked and slandered the vet, he complained. He would have repeatedly made it clear that he did not want to appear in front of the camera, but Jan and his team rang the bell with the camera running.

However, they did not realize that they were breaking the law, the Halle-Vilvoorde prosecutor’s office thinks. In addition, the presenter and SBS subsequently resolved the matter with the vet, who no longer asks for compensation. Therefore, as far as justice is concerned, it remains a conviction without conviction. That would mean that the presenter will not receive a penalty and no criminal record.

Besides presenter, Jan is also an actor. For example, he, and his buttocks, recently shone in Daphne Deckers’ book adaptation:


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