Jessika Soors (Green) leaves Chamber and becomes political director and spokeswoman for Sarah Schlitz | Inland


Soors worked in Vilvoorde as a deradicalisation officer when she drew the Flemish Brabant parliamentary list for Green in 2019 and was elected. Her new boss, Sarah Schlitz, is also fairly new to national politics. She became Member of Parliament for Ecolo in October, succeeding Muriel Gerkens, and was re-elected the following year.

Soors points out that the coming years will determine the future of our country. “With the rise of the extreme right and growing anti-politics, the challenges in terms of gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity are very great. My substantive expertise is what brought me into politics. Now I take the opportunity to discuss just those themes. Sarah and I already worked together on these themes in parliament. Now we have the opportunity to actually determine policy, “she continues.

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