‘I was number one in all polls’


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After the departure of Ronald Koeman as national coach, Louis van Gaal was mentioned in the media as a possible successor. Arno Vermeulen reported at the end of August Studio Football that he had been in contact with Van Gaal and that he had indicated that he was open to a new period as national coach. In conversation with Radio538 Van Gaal explains that it was never the case that he would become the national coach of Orange for a third time.

“I have been in contact with him,” said Vermeulen at the end of August. “He says: if they approach me, I will seriously think about it. Actually, he opens the door and is one of the candidates to become national coach. ” Van Gaal tells his side of the story on Thursday morning. In a telephone conversation with the NOS, he was asked whether he would be available again. “That was also the case three years ago, just before Ronald Koeman was appointed. I didn’t do it then. Only now there was no question of a call from Zeist ”, he emphasizes. “After Koeman left, I said to the NOS: One, I am retired, two, I was not asked and three, when the KNVB comes, I will think about it.”

Van Gaal wanted to make it clear to the NOS that a new appointment at the KNVB had little chance of success. “After the departure of Koeman, the publicity was suddenly only about Louis van Gaal. I was first in all polls. I wanted to make it clear that my arrival in Zeist had no chance of success ”, says Van Gaal. “Only the phone call from the NOS was interpreted by other media as an open application. But it was not. I tried to make it clear that I was not asked and that the last time when I was asked I did not do it either. ”

Van Gaal has retired as a trainer since his departure from Manchester United. If he is nevertheless tempted to get back to work, he must first discuss this with his wife Truus. After Koeman’s departure from Orange to Barcelona, ​​that conversation between Van Gaal and his wife did not take place. “The conversation with Truus has not taken place.” Frank de Boer was eventually appointed by the KNVB as the new national coach. He has signed a contract up to and including the 2022 World Cup.


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