High-end Google Pixel 6 may be as early as Spring 2021


It may be clear by now that Google is quite searching with a suitable strategy for its Pixel phones. Do you understand him? Seeking ?! But enough craziness, after skipping a high-end Pixel, Google would now want to make such a flagship again. And he may come earlier than expected.

After years of releasing a pricey flagship that couldn’t compete with the competition, Google abandoned that idea. The Google Pixel 5 is a premium mid-range phone at best. Yes, it has a great camera, but the screen is relatively small, the hardware is not very powerful and the battery is not particularly large. In itself fine, but apparently it creeps Google where it cannot go.

Is the Pixel series getting expansion faster than expected?

And so it is rumor of the day that the Pixel 6 will once again be a high-end flagship. And instead of in the fall, it may be released sometime in March 2021, he said Max Weinbach. That’s quite a statement if you ask us. However, Max has heard it from 2 sources but is realistic enough to put the rumor in context.

Foldable Pixel

Now in August 2020 a document was leaked mentioning a foldable Pixel phone; the Passport. However, it still mentioned a launch in the fourth quarter of 2021. The Pixel 5a would follow sometime in the second quarter. Then a launch of the Pixel 6 in the first quarter of 2021 is rather illogical. Our advice is therefore; first see then believe. Suppose Google would release a high-end Pixel, then that is no guarantee for an actually good phone. Unfortunately, this has now become apparent.

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