Flying car PAL-V Liberty has Dutch registration


Eight years after the first prototype, the time has finally come: the first flying car is allowed to move on European roads. And so the PAL-V now proudly carries Dutch number plates.

The car (or plane?) Of Dutch make recently passed the European tests and is now allowed to drive on public roads. Mike Stekelenburg, CTO of PAL-V says: “We have been working with the RDW for several years to achieve this milestone and the relief in the team was therefore enormous.

The vehicle

The flying car weighs only 660 kg and has two engines. The road engine is a petrol engine that delivers 100 horsepower. It does zero to a hundred in less than nine seconds and it only stops accelerating at 160 km / h. Despite the ballast of the rotor and other aircraft technology that must be carried along, the flying car has a fuel consumption of approximately 1 liter at 13 kilometers. With a 100 liter tank, the ‘range’ is 1315 kilometers. At least… in driving condition.

PAL-V Liberty
PAL-V Liberty

In the air

In the air, the Liberty, as the vehicle is called, can go less far, reaching a maximum of 500 kilometers. After that, there is still gasoline for about 100 to 150 kilometers that you can drive for another 30 minutes. But actually the car is better in its element when it flies. Because then he is faster with the second engine, which has 200 hp. The maximum flight speed of the PAL-V is namely 180 km / h. Unfortunately, the PAL-V has not yet been fully approved. “In the coming months, the Liberty will carry out endurance tests, so from now on you can really encounter a flying car on the highway,” says Stekelenburg.

Although it is now allowed to drive on the highway, the PAL-V cannot take off there. The machine always needs a small runway. It is therefore not possible to take off from the traffic jam.


The PAL-V Liberty is also expected to have its ‘air license plate’ to take off in two years. Until then, he is only allowed on the road. When the flying car actually uses the airspace, the driver must have a pilot’s license. PAL-V has set up its own academy for this.

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Flying car PAL-V Liberty has Dutch registration


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