‘Fireworks ban in Rotterdam is an unnecessary horse remedy’


The Rotterdam city council has laid down the prohibition on securing the ban in the General Local Regulation (APV). This made it the first large municipality in the Netherlands. There is now also a total ban on fireworks in five other municipalities.

Rotterdam says that fireworks lead to too much nuisance and victims every turn of the year. The sellers speak of ‘panic football’ and a ‘horse remedy’. They point to a national regulation that has recently been introduced and which has already prohibited certain fireworks.

“Four types of fireworks cause the most problems. Such as fireworks and rockets. That is therefore no longer sold. A total ban on fireworks only affects innocent fireworks.”

The industry points out that the incidents were only in limited places in the city. In addition, they think that cutting off is now spreading to the suburbs. “In Barendrecht they fear fireworks tourism.”

The financial position of the trade was also insufficiently taken into account. “There is no transitional arrangement, no compensation. The financial pain is great, bankruptcies are inevitable.”

The entrepreneurs say they have already partly stocked up on their stocks, including advertising material. A total of 15 retailers have taken to court.

Fireworks salesmen say that the ban is financially painful

During the preliminary relief proceedings, the municipality of Rotterdam listed the incidents during the last turn of the year: 25 patients in the eye hospital, 250,000 euros in damage to buildings, 63 arrests. “It is the most unsafe party of the year. Ophthalmologists and more and more organizations are calling for a ban. More than fifty percent of citizens are in favor of a ban.”

Rotterdam says the ban has been adopted democratically, because the majority of the city council agreed. “We just have that space and authority. It is our job to bring order and tranquility to an acceptable level. We want a New Year’s Eve that is really quiet. That you can cycle without a firecracker being thrown in your hood. . “

According to the municipality, you do not get that peace of mind because of the national regulation, so that a lot of fireworks can still be set off. “Ornamental fireworks also lead to victims, to considerable damage. For example, it is easy to throw. New stuff is already coming onto the market, with mega-nets. Moreover: we love that poisonous cocktail of fireworks, many people on the street, darkness and alcohol. “

Rotterdam says it recognizes that it affects the industry. “The measure was announced well in advance. The sale can continue as usual, the ban does not apply in other municipalities.” The municipality says that some form of compensation is indeed possible.

The judge will decide on 9 November whether the Rotterdam fireworks ban will remain in force.


Incidentally, the cabinet is investigating whether there should be a fireworks ban throughout the country before the next New Year. State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven confirmed this on Friday afternoon after the Council of Ministers concluded. According to GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals, a ban is needed to relieve the burden on the healthcare sector during the corona crisis.


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