Ella Leyers breaks record The smartest person


It happened. Ella Leyers (32) did what no one else could do in the TV program The smartest person: advance to a thirteenth episode. She hops over the previous record holder Julie Colpaert and can call herself the best candidate of all seasons.

Since the start of the season, Leyers has been racing on like a whirlwind The smartest person. Laid back, cheerful, but always cool-blooded. She has won seven of her twelve entries so far. ‘I started with the ambition of each candidate: just survive once. From the third or fourth episode you are at ease, and it is fun. But the farther you get, the more you get accosted about that record. It gets into your head, ‘says Leyers.

Ten candidates – including Leyers’ youngest sister Olga – died just before their twelfth participation in sixteen seasons. Gert Verhulst survived his eleventh game, but had to leave when the finals started. Only in 2018 VTM journalist Julie Colpaert broke the ban. Now, two years later, Ella Leyers leaves everyone behind. ‘Apparently there is a competition animal in me after all. How I threw my beret in the air after the record: that was not planned. Pure euphoria. ‘

How does Leyers watch her next episodes? “I keep playing to win.”


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