Despite the success of Dear Singers, Milow postpones his new album


“My feeling told me, now with corona and the lockdown, that I should concentrate on positive music,” Milow tells the ANP. “The audience is already being bombarded on all sides with serious and confusing things. Personally I also like more melancholic and dark things, but I am going to postpone that kind of music for a while.”

‘First Day Of My Life’, the title song for the new German children’s film Laura’s Star, is such a positive song. “This song is based on the very simple principle that in times of chaos and uncertainty there are also opportunities to change course and start over. A kind of rebirth”, describes Milow, the stage name of Jonathan Vandenbroeck.

The song is a tip of the veil of his next album, which he says will be ‘full of hope and love’. “My last album is only just a year old, but due to the extra time I have this year, I have started working on new music at lightning speed”, says the singer, who thanks to his participation in the program Dear Singers back in the spotlight in the Netherlands.

The album is already nearing completion. “With the exception of a few songs, I am complete”, said Milow. “The foundations of the album are in my head. That is actually the most work because after that I only have to put in the last puzzle pieces.”

Milow will wait a while with the release for now. “It’s not super motivating to release an entire album,” he says in view of the corona crisis and the lack of concerts. However, the 39-year-old Flemish continues to release singles. “I’m just going to make sure that there is new music for the people who find it fun and important. Hopefully the album will be released in the course of next year.”


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