Demand for interrogation of Balad members: The prosecution is waiting for the police’s findings – legal and criminal news


The State Attorney’s Office announced that the demand for the prosecution of Balad members for holding events in support of convicted terrorist operatives was submitted to the Israel Police, and after receiving the police position, the decision to open a formal investigation into these offenses will be examined.

Last August, the director general of the National Union Party, Yehuda Wald, appealed to the State Attorney’s Office, following a series of reports that MK Sami Abu Shehadeh and former Balad chairman Zahalka participated in the tribute to a released security prisoner who was in prison for planning attacks against scientists and soldiers. Israelis.

In his letter, Wald also mentioned the publication about another tribute event on behalf of Balad, which was held for a prisoner released from the village of Kawkab al-Hija in the Galilee. The prisoner contacted Hamas to carry out suicide bombings in Israel. recognition.

National Union Director General Yehuda Wald said: “Unfortunately, the wheels of justice are grinding slowly when it comes to members of the joint list. However, I hope that the police investigation will end quickly and the findings will lead as appropriate to an indictment for supporting terrorism. We will continue to follow until we remove terrorists from the Knesset. ”.


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