Children and young people mainly want to game together | Games


No less than 67 percent enjoy playing against friends more than the computer. Only 13 percent of the young people agree with the statement, preferably to play games alone.

This is also the case with children: 60 percent of the children play together with friends or family. Tablets are preferred by children and that is no different when they play games. 72 percent game via the tablet, followed by 55 percent via a game console.

Games remain a popular pastime. Nine out of ten young people play a game at least once a month. The smartphone remains the most popular device for them, but game consoles are also not inferior. Those consoles are more suitable for roleplaying, multiplayer and shooter games.

The study consists of a questionnaire among 950 children aged 6 to 12 in primary school and 4,255 young people aged 12 to 18 in secondary school. There were also a series of in-depth interviews in both age groups.


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