CDA turns completely left, party leader De Jonge calls the program “a radical choice” – De Daily Standaard


The CDA, led by party leader Hugo de Jonge, presents a new “radical” party program. Although it mainly looks like a hodgepodge of PvdA and GroenLinks ideas, bound together with platitudes that still bear the D66 sticker. Because the CDA opts for “a strong society where we jointly take responsibility for the country in which we live”. Powerful!

The CDA wants to increase the minimum wage by 10 percent for a 40-hour working week and the party wants a different (more regional) electoral system. In addition, one million sustainable homes must be added in ten years and childcare must be financed directly by the government. Furthermore, the CDA wants to pull the Dutch economy out of the doldrums with large projects such as a high-speed line. So much for the somewhat concrete measures.

In the draft election manifesto Take care of each other they also venture on the woolly side of policy, because we have to “look after each other” because “a society does not consist of 17 million individuals”, says De Jonge. The CDA simply wants to be able to sprinkle money and then call it ‘solidarity’. And then they are betting that these 17 million individuals believe that we are all still part of one community. I think, given the beheadings recently, we passed that station a few years ago.

But in order to appease their right-wing voters, they come up with criminalizing it glorify of violence and terrorism. Well, the video game industry is going to like that! But seriously, what does this add? Calling for violence is already punishable and glorifying violence or terrorism is not necessarily the same as making such an appeal.

The CDA is just trying to crawl to the left and has actually become a kind of GroenLinks / D66 with less windmills, but even more boring.

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