Came to pick up his son from his divorce in his car. A police check revealed that he was drunk


Yesterday, Thursday, in the evening, a report was received at the police station about a suspicion of drunk driving.

Ashdod police officers arrived at the scene immediately and located the vehicle and the driver. During the driver’s inspection, the police smelled a pungent odor of alcohol that had evaporated from it. In a breath test performed on the driver, a result of 1011 micrograms was obtained. Four times what is allowed.

test results.

The driver, a resident of Ashdod, in the 1930s, was arrested and taken for questioning by the Ashdod police. His driver’s license was revoked for 30 days and his vehicle was disabled for that period. According to the police, the person who reported the incident was the driver’s ex-wife. The woman reported to police that she arrived immediately and checked on the father. It should be noted that the father did not eventually take the child.

The police said: “The Israel Police will act resolutely, using all the tools and means at its disposal, against the thugs on the road who endanger life and bring them to justice.”

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