Belgium in stricter lockdown from midnight on Sunday


In Belgium, non-essential shops and holiday parks have to close, people with contact professions have to stop working and the autumn holidays are extended. That is what the Belgian Prime Minister De Croo said.

“In many hospitals the pain threshold has already been exceeded. We still do not see a change. There is only one answer, one choice, and that is all behind our care providers. The only way to do this is to avoid all physical contact as much as possible,” said he.

Working from home mandatory

De Croo announced more measures; households can only receive one guest, working from home is compulsory and only fifteen people are welcome at funerals. Receptions after funerals are prohibited. Caf├ęs and restaurants had to close two weeks ago. The measures will go into effect at midnight on Sunday and will remain in effect for at least a month and a half.


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