“Ban Salafist organizations, take away passports!” – The Daily Standard


Joost Eerdmans wants to make a comeback in the House of Representatives after 14 years, and at Op1 yesterday it was as if the leader of Liveable Rotterdam had never left. He argued for a heavy-handed approach to political Islam, especially now that it is asserting itself well in Europe this month through attacks and threats.

Joost Eerdmans will make another attempt to enter the battlefield in The Hague. Fourteen years after the LPF booked an inglorious retreat and the successor led by Marco Pastors – EenNL – did not make it, Joost Eerdmans returned to Rotterdam where, as alderman and party chairman of Liveable Rotterdam, he was a permanent politician. power house made.

Now he wants to return to political The Hague on behalf of the Forum for Democracy, where he is in fourth place on the electoral list. At Op1 he showed yesterday that he was in good shape, and immediately cracked hard nuts, which in his eyes was far too weak in response to the wave of terrorist attacks that is now washing over Europe – and especially France.

“Just like in France, we have to ban Salafist organizations much faster. And we take away Dutch citizenship from extremists with a double passport, ” thus the FVD’er: “Where are the measures? As a land, you have to put an end to it and do more than we do now. ” One thing is clear: Eerdmans does not believe that his job, started together with Pim Fortuyn in 2002, is already over.

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